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NZ Biographies

Terris, John
Thomas, William H aka Nonagenarian Journalist
Trimmer - Justice be Thy Plea
Barrett, Dean
Living at Mount Algidus
Turner, Gail
Hell-Bent for Life
Valentine, John (Dr.)
Trail of the Hawk
Van Dorp, Cornelius
Padre, Patient and Physician
Watkins, Neville
My Memoirs - Margaret Wallis
Wallis, Margaret E. J.
Some Buggers I've Seen
Waterson, Brian
The Years in Between, 1901-1988
Watkins, Neville
Wedderspoon, Richard
The Fiddles of God and other essays
Waddell, Rutherford
Wag's Tales
Cooper, A. F. 'Wag'
Archdeacon L. G. Whitehead - A Biography
Cox, K. F. S. with Morris, W. R.


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