NZ History / General

Toys of Early New Zealand
Armstrong, Peggy and Jackson, Denise
Islands: A New Zealand Journey
Ansley, Bruce & Ussher, Jane
The War in New Zealand
Fox, Sir W.
The Archaeology of New Zeland Shore Whaling
Prickett, Nigel and Department of Conservation
The Archaeology of Otago
Hamel, Jill and Department of Conservation
Adventure in New Zealand
Wakefield, E Jerningham
New Zealand's Hidden Past
Wiseman, Ross
Hidden Light: Early Canterbury and West Coast Photography
Hall, Ken & Sameshima, Haruhiko
True to Ireland
Burke, Peter
Changing Times - New Zealand Since 1945
Carlyon, Jenny and Morrow, Diana
Today in New Zealand History
Atkinson, Neill and Green, David and Phipps, Gareth and Watters, Steve


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