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NZ History / General

Frontier of Dreams - The Story of New Zealand
Dalley, Bronwyn & McLean, Gavin
Home Away From Home
Beasley, A. W.
Milestones - Turning Points in New Zealand History
Brooking, Tom & Enright, Paul
New Zealand As it Was ...Today
Atkinson, Joyce
New Zealand - A Short History
Barber, Laurie
From New Zealand to Lake Michigan
Travers, W.T. Locke
The Farthest Corner - New Zealand, A Twice Discovered Land
Morton, Harry & Morton Johnston, Carol
The Death of Captain Cook
Beaglehole, J.C.
The Official Handbook of New Zealand
Vogel, Sir Julius
A Selection from the Writings and Speeches of John Robert Godley
Godley, John Robert - Collected and Edited By James Edward Fitzgerald


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