NZ History / General

From New Zealand to Lake Michigan
Travers, W.T. Locke
The Farthest Corner - New Zealand, A Twice Discovered Land
Morton, Harry & Morton Johnston, Carol
The Death of Captain Cook
Beaglehole, J.C.
The Official Handbook of New Zealand
Vogel, Sir Julius
A Selection from the Writings and Speeches of John Robert Godley
Godley, John Robert - Collected and Edited By James Edward Fitzgerald
The New Zealander Abroad (Red HB no DW)
McHutcheson, William (Pub. James Hamilton 1888)
Barthorp, Michael
Our Antipodes (3 Volumes) 1852
Mundy, Godfrey Charles
Rotary in New Zealand
Hall-Jones, F
Past and Present, and Men of the Times
Barry, William Jackson


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