NZ History / General

Those Were the Days - 1940s
Weekly News
Ruru, Jacinta; Stephenson, Janet and Abbott, Mick (ed.)
The Oxford History of New Zealand - Second Edition
Rice, Geoffrey (Edited by)
The Voyages of Captain Cook
Rienits, Rex & Thea
Famous New Zealanders of the 19th century
Paul Hamlyn Publishers
Old Time New Zealand Postcard Book
Kenneally, Betty
The Journal of Henry Sewell 1853-7 Volume I & Volume II
McIntyre, W. David (Edited by)
Mr Explorer Douglas
Pascoe, John (Editor)
Exploration New Zealand
Pascoe, John
The Shaping of New Zealand
Holcroft, M H
The Story of New Zealand
Bassett, Judith, Sinclair, Keith & Stenson, Marcia


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