NZ History / General

Those Were the Days - 1920s
Weekly News
High Noon for Coaches
Millar, J Halket
The Romantic World of Gold
Nolan, Tony
The Veteran Years of New Zealand Motoring
MacLean, Pam & Joyce, Brian
New Zealand or Recollections of It
Markham, Edward
Our Lesser Stars - Twelve New Zealand Family Biographies
Main, Colleen P. (editor - for NZ Society of Genealogists)
A Pictorial History of New Zealand
Maddock, Shirley
The Birth of New Zealand - A Nation's Heritage
Jacobs, Warren (photography) and Wilson, John (text)
Frontier of Dreams - The Story of New Zealand
Dalley, Bronwyn & McLean, Gavin
Home Away From Home
Beasley, A. W.
Milestones - Turning Points in New Zealand History
Brooking, Tom & Enright, Paul
Fatal Success - A History of the New Zealand Company
Burns, Patricia & Richardson, Henry (editors)
Bateman New Zealand Historical Atlas - Visualising New Zealand
Bateman - McKinnon, Malcolm (ed) with Bradley, Barry & Kirkpatrick, Russell


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