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NZ Literature

Tarzan Presley - Signed Copy
Cox, Nigel
A Man of the People
Geary, David
Proud Garments
Anderson, Barbara
A Good Keen Girl
Crump, Barry
The Best New Zealand Fiction - Volume 4
Farrell, Fiona (Ed)
Katherine Mansfield - Letters and Journals
Stead, C.K. (Editor)
The Adventures of Sam Cash
Crump, Barry
The Only Living Lady Parachutist
Clarke, Catherine
Hibiscus Coast
Morris, Paula
The Plumb Trilogy
Gee, Maurice
A Surfeit of Sunsets
Castree, Dulcie
Machete and the Ghost
Griffin, James and Kightley, Oscar
The Burning River
Patchett, Lawrence
Ribbons of Grace
Alterio, Maxine
Road from Rosehall
Munro, Mike
Wells, Peter
Parker, Glynn
Boy Overboard
Wells, Peter
A Flame Flickers in Darkness
Cowie, Winston


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