NZ Maori

The Maori Tohunga and His Spirit World
Andersen, Johannes
Maori Houses and Food Stores
Phillipps, W.J.
The Whare Kohanga And Its Lore
Best, Elsdon
Ponga and Puhihuia
Fletcher, H.J.
A Brief Introduction to the Maori Colonisation of Manawatu
Allwright, G for Palmerston North Polynesian Group
Maori String Figures
Andersen, J.C.
Maori Healing and Herbal - New Zealand Ethnobotanical Sourcebook
Riley, Murdoch and Enting, Brian (photography)
Maori Land
Asher, George & Naulls, David
Maori Agriculture - NZ Dominion Museum Bulletin No. 9 - The Cultivated Food Plants of the Natives of NZ, with some Account of Native Methods of Agriculture, its Ritual and Origin Myths.
Best, Elsdon (Published Under the direction of the Board of Maori Ethnological Research, for the Dominion Museum 1925)
Rua and the Maori Millennium
Webster, Peter
Maori Sayings and Proverbs
Riley, Murdoch
Know Your Maori Weaving
Riley, Murdoch


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