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An Asian at My Table
Kan, Raybon
An English Kiwi
Priestley, Brian
See Me Go - Conversations with…
Larsen, Michael
Scrim - The Man with a Mike
Renwick, William
Just Like Us: Aspects of New Zealand Music
Hoskins, Robert et al
Studies in New Zealand Cinema
Conrich, Ian
Celebrating 20 Years of The Tudor Consort - Collected Essays
Ravens, Simon & Walls, Peter & Carey, Alastair
The Singer I'll Love for the Song
De Lautour, Geoffrey
Fingleton, David
Kiri, Music & a Maori girl
Harris, Norman
Talking Music- Conversations with New Zealand Musicians
Shieff, Sarah & Cross, Robert
Southern Voices - International Opera Singers of New Zealand
Simpson, Adrienne & Downes, Peter


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