NZ Poetry

Laughing Mirror
Wright, Douglas
Bodily Presence. Words / Paintings
Oliver, W.H & Munz, Anne
Poeta: Selected and new poems
McQueen, Cilla
Tell Me My Name
Manhire, Bill and Meehan, Norman and Grififn, Hannah and Peryer, Peter
Aotearoa Psalms: Prayers of a New People
Cowley, Joy and Coles, Terry
Kaupapa - New Zealand Poets, World Issues
Baker, Hinemoana and McMillan, Maria
Roaring Forties
Hunt, Sam & McCormick, Gary
Selected Poems - Jenny Bornholdt
Bornholdt, Jenny
Selected Poems
Johnson, Louis
O'Sullivan, Vincent
A Present for Hitler and Other Verses
Whim-Wham (Curnow, Allen)
Swings and Roundabouts - Poems on Parenthood
Neale, Emma (Edited by)
I Felt Like a Fight, Alright?
Carr, Ruth (Minuit)
If Only Roses Were Red
Lewis, Jennifer
Just This: Poems
Turner, Brian
Diary To A Woman
Glover, Denis
Or Hawk Or Basilisk - Verses
Glover, Denis


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