NZ Regional History

Cook - The County and Its People
Gilles, Iain, John and Angus
Trolle, Brent
City-building after Disaster in Christchurch - 55 Written Essays from a Range of Contributors - 39 Visual Essays
Bennett, Barnaby and Dann, James and Johnson, Emma and Reynolds, Ryan
A Centennial History of Tauranga
Gifford, W.H. and Williams, H.B.
Greymouth and the Goldfields 1866
Mort, Margaret (Compiler)
Denniston's Incline - Coal From The Clouds
Prebble, Bill (Editor)
My Dear Bannie - Gerhard Mueller's Letters from the West Coast 1865-6
Mueller, M V (Ed) - Foreword By John Pascoe
A Land Apart: The Chatham Islands of New Zealand
King, Michael & Morrison, Robin
Life on a Five Pound Note
Hosken, Evelyn
Grant, Ian F. & Sheehan, Grant
History of Lancaster Park, Christchurch 1880-1981
Reese, T.W. & Brittenden, R.T. & McMenamin, K.J.


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