NZ Sea / NZ Ship

Sailing Ships of the Tasman Sea
Churchouse, Jack
The Orpheus Disaster
Fairburn, Thayer
Notes from a Skipper's Log Book - A Personal Account of New Zealand's Bay of Islands
Clifford, Graham and Harrison, Noelle and Nettmann, Michael (illustrators) and Habicht, Frank (photography)
Outward Bound at Anakiwa
Grady, Don
The Totorore Voyage
Clark, Gerry
Death of the Rainbow Warrior
King, Michael
New Zealand Treasure Wrecks
Locker-Lampson, Steve
New Zealand Nautical Yarns
McLean, Gavin
Bay of Islands Shipping Arrivals and Departures 1803-1840
Richards, Rhys & Chisholm, Jocelyn


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