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NZ Wellington / Wgtn

100 years of St Ronan's in Eastbourne
St Ronan's Presbyterian Church
Kapiti - Reflections on a Coast
Macmorran, Barbara and Rogerson, Robin
The Wellington Golf Club 1895 - 1995
Wilson, Judy & Heron, Fiona
From Bush to Suburb: Karori 1840-1980
Patrick, Margaret G.
The Streets of My City - Wellington New Zealand
Irvine-Smith, Fanny Louise
McGill, David & Tilly, Grant
Pat Lawlor's Wellington
Lawlor, Pat
Wellington - Harbour City
Sheehan, Grant & Wilde, Fran
Blue White and Dynamite
McLean, Gavin
The Basin - An Illustrated History of the Basin Reserve
Neely, Don and Romanos, Joseph
Old Wellington Days
Lawlor, Pat


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