On Liberty
Mill, John Stuart
The Confessions
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
On Sovereignty
Hobbes, Thomas and Locke, John
The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy
Audi, Robert (Editor)
The Age of Reason
Paine, Thomas
Lacan for Beginners
Leader, Darian & Groves, Judy
The Cambridge Companion to Chomsky
McGilvray, James
Hannah Arendt On Violence
Arendt, Hannah
Ethics Made Easy
Thompson, Mel
Atheism: A Very Short Introduction
Baggini, Julian
Walking - An abridgement of the essay by Henry David Thoreau
Thoreau, Henry David & Wawrzonek, John
Fifty Eastern Thinkers
Collinson, Diane and Plant, Kathryn and Wilkinson, Robert
One Hundred Twentieth-Century Philosophers
Brown, Stuart and Collinson, Diane and Wilkinson, Robert
Singer, Peter


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