The Photograph - Composition and Colour Design
Mante, Harald and Campbell, Thomas C (translator)
Rolling Stone - The Photographs
Kratochvil, Laurie (editor)
Photographers A-Z
Koetzle, Hans-Michael
Life - A Journey Through Time
Lanting, Frans and Taschen
The Photography Book
Humankind - An Emotional Journey
Komatsu, Yoshio and Komatsu, Eiko
M. Alvarez Bravo
Livingston, Jane
Nature's Chaos
Porter, Eliot (Photos) & Gleick, James (Text)
501 Must-Visit Natural Wonders
Beare, Emma (editor)
Strange Ritual
Byrne, David
Light Over Sacred Places of Asia - Signed Copy
Izu, Kenro & Yamaji, Yuko (Editor)
Art Forms in the Plant World
Blossfeldt, Karl
Out of Focus: Photography - Saatchi Gallery
Ewing, William A (Contributor)
Public Appearances 1987-91
Snowden, Antony Armstrong-Jones
Gray, Malin


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