The Destruction of Penn Station
Moore, Peter (photography} and Moore, Barbara (editor)
Jock Sturges
Sturges, Jock
Photo Art: The New World of Photography
Grosenick, Uta & Seelig, Thomas
Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide
Keeney, Chris
Patterns of the Earth
Edmaier, Bernhard and Jung-Huttl, Angelika and Phaidon
To Catch a Sunbeam - Victorian Reality through the Magic Lantern
Household, H.A. and Smith, L.M.H. (editors)
Andy Warhol's Exposures
Warhol, Andy & Colacello, Bob
They Became What They Beheld
Carpenter, Edmund and Heyman, Ken
The Sixties in Pictures
Lescott, James
Rolling Stone - The Photographs
Kratochvil, Laurie (editor)
Life - A Journey Through Time
Lanting, Frans and Taschen
The Photography Book
Humankind - An Emotional Journey
Komatsu, Yoshio and Komatsu, Eiko
Nature's Chaos
Porter, Eliot (Photos) & Gleick, James (Text)
501 Must-Visit Natural Wonders
Beare, Emma (editor)
Strange Ritual
Byrne, David


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