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Kenda North
North, Kenda & Berland, Dinah
Would You Let Your Daughter?
Parkinson, Norman
Night Photography
Sanderson, Andrew
A Shadow Falls
Brandt, Nick
Animal Portraits
Schels, Walter
Pilgrimage: The Spirit of Place
Bosker, Gideon & Lencek, Lena
Vitamin Ph - New Perspectives in Photography
Demos., T.J. (editor) and Phaidon
A History of Photography - From 1839 to the Present - The George Eastman House Collection
Mulligan, Therese and Wooters, David (editors) and Taschen 25 Years
Celebrity - The Photographs of Terry O'Neill
O'Neill, Terry and Gill, A.A.
Tracey Moffatt - Laudanum
Moffatt, Tracey and Berg, Stefan (Ed) and Reinhardt, Brigitte (Ed)
Friends of Dorothy
Yang, William
Artists - Photographs
Deblonde, Gautier
Heaven and Earth - Unseen by the Naked Eye
Renshaw, Amanda (editor) and Phaidon


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