Pottery & Sculpture

Moorcroft - Winds of Change
Street, Fraser aka Edwards, Hugh
Moorcroft - The Phoenix Years
Street, Fraser aka Edwards, Hugh
A Potter's Book
Leach, Bernard
Glass and Pottery - Arts and Crafts Movement - Centuries of Style
Haworth-Maden, Clare (editor) and Grange Books
Mud and Colour Man - The Morris & James Story
Morris, Anthony & Charlton, Nick & Reardon, Barbara
Masterpieces of World Ceramics
Liefkes, Reino & Young, Hilary
Large-scale Ceramics
Robison, Jim
Alternative Kilns
Gregory, Ian
Ceramics with Mixed Media
Bosworth, Joy
The Extruder Book
Baird, Daryl E.
Hagi - Famous Ceramics of Japan 11
Kawano, Ryosuke
Les Blakebrough, Potter
Holmes, Jonathan
Sculptures by Duane Hanson
Bush, Martin H
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