Our next book club will be meeting on Monday 12 July and we will be discussing books with a seafaring theme.

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War - Militaria / Regiments etc

The Medieval Archer
Bradbury, Jim
Hand Guns of the World
Mouret, Jean-Noel
SBS - Stories of the Marines III
Monnery, David and Blake, Ian
Armed Forces of the World
Messenger, Charles & Preston, Antony & Robinson, Anthony
The Zulu War - Osprey Men-At-Arms
McBride, Angus
Die KampfPanzer von 1916-1966
Von Senger, F. M. & Etterlin
Soviet Military Power
Koenig, William and Scofield, Peter
The Queen's Dragoon Guards
Belfield, Eversley
Harclerode, Peter & Reynolds, David


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