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War - War History

In Morocco with the Legion
Price, G. Ward
The Boer War
Pakenham, Thomas
Maryland Voices of the Civil War
Mitchell, Charles W (Edited by)
Brady's Civil War
Garrison, Webb
Warmans Civil War Collectibles
Graf, John F.
Napoleon in Russia
Palmer, Alan
Waterloo - Battle of Three Armies
Chalfont, Lord (editor)
How the North Won - A Military History of the Civil War
Hattaway, Herman & Jones, Archer
A Military History of Australia
Grey, Jeffrey
Battles of the Great Commanders
Livesey, Anthony
Life At War
Donovan, Hedley (Editor)
Draw Your Weapons
Sentilles, Sarah
The Crimean War (The War Correspondents)
Lambert, Andrew D. & Badsey, Stephen


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