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War - WW1

The Price of Glory - Verdun 1916
Horne, Alistair
The Air Defence of Britain 1914-1918
Cole, Christopher & Cheesman, E.F.
Unsought Adventure
Barry, Charles
The Blocking of Zeebrugge
Carpenter, Alfred F.B.
Gallipoli 100 - Lest We Forget - 1915-2015
Snelling, Nick (editor) and Fairfax Media Group
James, Robert Rhodes
Soldier From the Wars Returning
Carrington, Charles
Liaison, 1914 - A Narrative of the Great Retreat
Spears, Edward Louis and Crofton, Morgan (cartography)
Farrar-Hockley, A.H.
Wilson, Henry and Jeffery, Keith (editor) and Army Records Society
Prelude to Victory
Spears, E.L.
Marshall, S.L.A.
Elegy - The First Day on the Somme
Roberts, Andrew
Naval Battles of the First World War
Bennett, Geoffrey


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