Fingerprint - The Art of Using Handmade Elements in Graphic Design
Fingerprint - The Art of Using Handmade Elements in Graphic Design
Chen Design Associates
Make Your Mark Design is at a turning point. Our infatuation with-and the backlash against-technology is over. Today's best designers have learned to embrace its advantages and think beyond its limitations by combining the power of the computer with the tactile qualities of handmade elements. Inside you'll find examples of work that showcase a variety of design methods, including mixed media, illustration, letterpress, screenprinting and collage. You'll find inspiration in examples from outstanding designers and see how traditional elements can make a more powerful statement than anesthetized computer-only work. Fingerprint also includes insightful essays on the power of the handmade by Debbie Millman, Jean Orlebeke, Jim Sherraden, Martin Venezky and Ross Macdonald. The projects in this book are beautiful, technical, simple, layered and powerful. Each project communicates its intended message with eloquence. You can be part of this exciting design revolution. Leave your own fingerprint on the world by exploring the fusion of the digital with the hand-wrought.
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