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Winston Churchill - Great Contemporaries - Churchill on the Great Men of His Time
Winston Churchill - Great Contemporaries - Churchill on the Great Men of His Time
Churchill, Winston
Fontana, 1972 4th Impression The first edition of Great Contemporaries, published in October 1937, contained 21 biographical essays, all of which had been previously published in various magazines over the course of the preceding ten years. The revised expanded edition of 1938 added an additional four essays, again, all previously published, for a total of 25. The contents, however, fluctuated over subsequent editions published during the war years. In 1902 Churchill had first recognised the expediency of trimming his literary sails to the prevailing political wind with his excisions for the second edition of The River War. Now he did the same with Great Contemporaries. By the time of the appearance of the World Books and Reprint Society editions of 1941 Britain was allied with Stalin's Russia and the essays on Savinkov and Trotsky were dropped. By 1942 America was in the war and the Macmillan edition of that year further dropped the essay on Roosevelt. Finally in 1947 the Odhams edition reverted to the full text of the revised extended edition and this has been followed by all subsequent English language editions. It is worth keeping in mind that the subjects of these essays were not just Churchill's contemporaries, but many of them were personally known to him - in the role of both friends and antagonists. The character sketches are linguistically rich and politically insightful - in a word, Churchillian....
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