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This is New Zealand
This is New Zealand
City Gallery Wellington

This Is New Zealand explores the role art has played in asserting and questioning notions of national identity. It considers how our country has represented itself, and what those representations have included and excluded. It takes a critical look at the stories we have told ourselves-and others-about who we are. Sumptuously illustrated, the catalogue includes writing from curators Robert Leonard, Aaron Lister, and Moya Lawson on each work in the show. Opening out the story further, it also offers think pieces by Peter Alsop and Emil McAvoy, Anthony Byrt, Howard Greive, Rebecca Rice, Damian Skinner, and Jo Smith and Ocean Mercier on topics including 'New Zealand on message', 'craft as soft diplomacy', and the 'fantasy of a free-market utopia'. Plus, an illustrated chronology charts key cultural and political events in New Zealand's nation building and national myth making.

Second hand Paperback

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