Animals and Men
Animals and Men
Clark, Kenneth
This book analyses the relationship between animals and men as reflected in Western art from prehistory to the present day, which includes 219 illustrations, with 84 in full-color. Man's feelings towards animals have always had this element of paradox, a mixture of fear, admiration, greed, cruelty and love. And these feelings have continuously and vividly been expressed in art. Yet until now no one has thought of looking systematically at the whole of art with that aspect in view. It proves in many ways a surprise - a whole chapter of human history that has been unaccountably ignored. From Egyptian cats, to Roman games, Sir Kenneth Clark presents and analyses these works with all his accustomed elegance and style, betraying as well as engaging affection for his subject. Content included in this book are: Sacred and symbolic animals, how medieval man looks at Nature, Marginal birds, Pisanello: the first observer, the beauty and energy of animals, animals destroyed and much more. A compilation of beautiful art pieces that vary in how artists view animals such as horses, birds, unicorns, dogs, bear, etc, a coffee-table book with wonderfully detailed art.
Second hand Hardback