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Many of you have been selling books to us, which is great, but we will be pausing our buying in December.

We are currently being very "choosy" when buying books.

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The Wreck of the Manuka
The Wreck of the Manuka
Collins, Bruce E.
Craig Printing, 2004 On the cold, wet Monday night of December 16, 1929, the Union Steam Ship Company steamer TSS Manuka hit a reef off Long Point (Irihuka) in the Catlins district of South Otago. Awaiting 173 passengers wasa long night in an open boat off an unfamiliar and deserted coastline. Once the news of the wreck spread this normally quiet corner of New Zealand became the focus of national attention. It would not be until the Wahine disaster in 1968 that this many people were shipwrecked...
Second hand Paperback