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Bread: From Sourdough to Rye
Bread: From Sourdough to Rye
Collister, Linda
"Bread" begins in The Americas, from the original tortilla to bagels. France, Italy, and Spain offer Pain de Campagne, Focaccia, Pizza and more. Northern and Eastern Europe's contributions include German Beer Bread and the Grant Loaf, made with no kneading. South Asia's countless regional breads range from Chapatti to lentil flour breads. Linda Collister also gives information on flours and yeasts, making dough with an electric mixer, and how to make basic loaf. -A delicious journey around the great breads of the world-- required reading for all home bakers, whatever their level of experience. -From Linda Collister, author of landmark books on bread and baking. -Includes a directory of specialist flour millers and suppliers, together with stores selling bakeware and utensils for the serious baker.
Second hand Paperback