What to Listen for in Music
Copland, Aaron
Whether they listen to Mozart or Duke Ellington, Aaron Copland invites you to ask two basic questions: Are they hearing everything that is going on? Are you really being sensitive to it? If you cannot answer yes to both questions, you owe it to yourself to read this book. With his provocative suggestions, Copland guides you through a deeper appreciation of the most rewarding of all art forms. This classic work, the only book of its kind written by an eminent American composer, features chapters on contemporary music and film music; recommended recordings for each chapter; and a selected list of books for further reading and reference. In this edition, leading music critic Alan Rich continues Copland's discussion of contemporary music for today's listeners and traces the composer's success in bringing music lovers 'closer to the magical mysteries of the music we can hear and want to hear better.'...
Second hand Paperback
9780451531766 or 0451627350