Apollinaire, Cocteau and Others - French Poets of the Great War
Copp, Michael
Guillaume Apollinaire comes across as something of an outsider, one who discovers his identity as a soldier fighting in the Great War. In their poems Rene Arcos and Charles Vildrac reveal themselves as optimistic pacifists. In Marcel Martinet we see a poet committed to attempting to bring art and the proletariat together. These are just some of the French Poets of the Great War whose works have been translated into English in this collection. Michael Copp has provided the reader with comprehensive and informative introductions to each poet. The collection includes a varied mix of poetry from multiple perspectives on the War - from soldier-poets fighting in the trenches, a soldier appreciating his former life while on leave, a poet too old for service assessing the impact of the war on agriculture, and those who had other roles to play. Copp has sought to produce translations as close as possible to the original French texts, and has thereby achieved startlingly beautiful poems in English. Avid readers of War Poetry are certain to be delighted with and surprised by this collection....
Second hand Paperback

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