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New Zealand Centennial Survey IV - Settlers and Pioneers
New Zealand Centennial Survey IV - Settlers and Pioneers
Cowan, James
The fourth volume of the New Zealand Centennial Surveys series. Published by the Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, 1940. In writing SETTLERS AND PIONEERS the veteran New Zealand historian, Mr James Cowan, has drawn on his own memories and on hitherto unpublished records. A first chapter introduces the reader to a shipload of British emigrants, among them a farming family from the Isle of Man who have left their ancestral home to embark for distant New Zealand. The narrative describes their experiences in a famous clipper of the fifties and their beginnings in the new land. In a series of vivid sketches Mr Cowan then covers the greater part of New Zealand, from the rough bush of the North Island to the sheep stations of the South, closing the book with pen-portraits of the characters of pioneering days and with reflections on the past and the present. The book contains eight pages of illustrations. - from the inside cover.
Second hand Hardback