Kotahitanga - The Search for Maori Political Unity
Kotahitanga - The Search for Maori Political Unity
Cox, Lindsay
Since European colonization, the Maori and their needs have been ignored, marginalized, or forcibly assimilated with those of the Europeans. As a result, the Maori have continually searched for unity in a series of political, religious, and social movements. This lucid and insightful book explores Kotahitanga: the concerted operation of rangatira (elders) to develop a notion of collective Maori sovereignty. Lindsay Cox looks at the theory, history, and implications of these movements and identifies distinct themes that are necessary to gain a clear understanding of the past. Using this as a basis, Cox explores the emergence of new movements, such as the National Maori Congress, and how they will be instrumental in achieving a distinct Maori voice that is equal to and independent of European aspirations and ambitions. Published by Oxford University Press, 1993. Cover worn along edges, clean inside.
Second hand Paperback