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Land of the Maniapoto
Land of the Maniapoto
Craig, Dick
Rip on dw and foxing inside. This "brief history of the area now known as the Northern King Country, embracing the Otorohanga, Kawhia and Waitomo Counties" was compiled by a well-known historian and long-time resident of the area, journalist Dick Craig. While his account brings the story to the early 1950s, its emphasis is on events arising from the advent of the first European influences, initially that of the Missionaries from the early 1830s. A central section is devoted to the "Maori War" and its aftermath. Then follows chapters on the railway era which was vitally important to opening up th region when the North Island Main Trunk line was built through it. Following chapters summarise early permanent pioneer settlers, subsequent development and future prospects. The author has covered all aspects of area's progress and problems with diligence and objectivity. (The name King Country stems from the establishment there of the Maori King Movement following the Waikato War (1860s) when the territory was declared Maori-only. By the 1880s some European settlers were becoming established and this increased when the railway development began in 1885) First edition printed by the King Country Chronicle in 1951
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