Dylan - Music Icons
Dylan - Music Icons
Crampton, Luke and Rees, Dafydd with Marsh, Wellesley and Taschen
In 2008, Bob Dylan became the first rock and roll artist to be honored with a Pulitzer Prize, for his 'profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power'. A musician, poet, and celebrated nonconformist of unparalleled stature, Dylan is revered by critics and fans alike as the most influential singer-songwriter in the history of popular music. For more than four decades he has been winning the hearts and minds of folk and rock lovers around the world. Infusing a distinct brand of personal philosophy and socio-political commentary into his lyrics, Dylan has journeyed through a variety of musical phases, from traditional folk, blues, and country, to gospel and rock and roll, all the while establishing a unique soundtrack to our lives. Setting out in 1961 as a young man with a guitar and a harmonica, this elusive and enigmatic artist has grown into an international cultural icon as a tireless author of over 30 albums and a relentless live performer. This concise overview covers Dylan's entire career via texts and images. In the "Music Icons" series, each title contains a painstaking selection of approximately 150 portraits, colorful posters and record covers, rare concert photos, and previously unpublished candid photos. These images - each matching an important biographical event - are accompanied by text tracing the progression of each subject's life and career and are complemented by a section containing lists of essential recordings and selected chart rankings....
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