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Cult Rock Posters 1972-1982
Cult Rock Posters 1972-1982
Crimlis, Roger and Turner, Alwyn W.
From Glam through Punk to New Age, this collection of over 150 rare rock posters charts not only the progression of music styles and genres, but also the increasing sophistication and experimentation of poster design and concept. 1970 was a turning point in pop art. Bands and record companies alike began to comprehend the power of the poster as a promotional tool. Coupled with the design school era of Bowie and Dury, over the next decade posters were pushed to the limits of invention and impact, which has had a lasting influence on rock posters today. Through interviews with artists, photographers, fly posting mafia and rock stars alike, Crimlis and Turner reveal the story behind the posters that inspired a generation and how design captured the essence of pop music. This unique collection of reproduced posters - itself dramatically and quirkily designed - celebrates the poster as art form, and tracks the development of style and technique. Presented in their raw format, all rips, folds, tears and bluetack grease are shown, thus telling their own story....
Second hand Paperback