The Social Climbers
Darwin, Chris & Amy, John
This is the story of an eccentric expedition led by the author, a great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin, to hold the world's highest dinner party - on the summit of Peru's highest mountain, at 6769 metres and minus 37 degrees Celsius. Nine amateur climbers, including a 62-year-old grandfather, made the attempt, and only two of them had previous mountaineering experience. They had been warned about terrorism, blizzards, avalanches, frostbite and altitude sickness, but were unprepared for other hardships which awaited them - loss of libido, a documentary crew led by an obsessed German philosopher, a love triangle and chronic flatulence. Nor did they foresee a catalogue of other tribulations, including malaria, bronchitis, giardia, piles, ripped shoulders, cracked ribs, hypothermia, pregnancy and a frozen bottle of red wine. Scott of the Antarctic collides with Monty Python in one of the most extraordinary true stories ever told. - from the back cover. The Social Climbers Chris Darwin & John Amy Sun (Pan Macmillan) Sydney 1991 Trade paperback. 256 pages. Signed by the author. Good second-hand condition. Faded spine, and minor bumping / creasing on front cover. Pages clean. Security tag affixed to inside back cover.
Second hand Paperback

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