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The Biggest Twitch: Around the World in 4,000 Birds
Davies, Alan & Miller, Ruth
Most people dream of packing in their humdrum city life, selling up andheading off into the unknown for a life of adventure. For Ruth Millerand Alan Davies this dream became a reality, albeit with a twist; theydecided to pack in their jobs, sell their house and take on theultimate birder's challenge - to smash the world record for the numberof species seen in one calendar year. This book is the story of their great expedition, searching for birdsfrom Ecuador to Ethiopia via Argentina, Australia and Arizona. Wefollow this birding odyssey as they rachet up the species and thestamps in their passports, sharing in amazing birding experiences suchas monkey-hunting Harpy Eagles in the Brazilian rain forest, seedsnipesin the Peruvian highlands and lekking bustards in South Africa, allleading to the ultimate question - will they break the magic 4,000? Written in an accessible style, this book will be of great interest tobirders, readers of travel literature, and to people who simply enjoy agood adventure!
Second hand Paperback

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