Dear Heart
Davis, Jenny
Here is a story of an exceptional love as told by letters written over a four-year period from 1941 - first daily, then weekly. Jenny Davis stumbled upon dozens of letters her aunt, Wynne, had written to her young soldier husband Mickey during World War II. Many of the letters remained unopened, still bearing the mark of their tragedy, a war office stamp: "No Trace". Wynne received only two replies and yet she poured out her hopes and reassurances and tidbits of news from the home front. In 1945, at the end of the war Wynne received both the unopened letters and the news that Mickey had died in 1943 in Malaya, in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Poignant, amusing, and acutely observed, Dear Heart offers a valuable glimpse into the hearts of the women who were left behind....
Second hand Hardback