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Mission and Betrayal 1940-1945 - My Crusade for England
De Chambrun, Rene
Count Rene de Chambrun is one of the most remarkable Frenchmen of his generation and in this important contribution to t he history of WW2, he describes his extraordinary life as a soldier and diplomat. Serving as a Captain in the French Army until the fall of France, he witnessed the evacuation of Dunkirk and was sufficiently impressed by Britain's air superiority during that debacle, that he knew the British would prevail ultimately. Being the son-in-law of the Vichy Prime Minister, Pierre Laval, and through his American mother, a member of the Roosevelt family, de Chambrun was sent to Washington, where he spent considerable periods of time with President Roosevelt before the United States entered the war. He travelled across America promoting the Allied cause, but his mission failed due to political infighting within the Allied ranks. After the war some ill-wishers set him up to be falsely accused of treason...
Second hand Hardback