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Words and Deedes: Selected Journalism 1931-2006
Deedes, W. F.
Words and Deedes brings together the life's work of one of the most respected and admired journalists of the past century. For over seventy years, W. F. Deedes has reported on the most important events, affairs and issues that have affected Britain, Europe and the rest of the world. Starting as a cub-reporter in 1931, Deedes' inimitable eye was cast over a world caught in economic depression and inching ever closer to a second devastating world war. From that unstable time, right into the twenty-first century and his campaign to alleviate the hardships of disadvantaged children, W. F. Deedes' journalism has retained its vibrancy and gained a new relevance to the times in which we live. This volume provides an insight into world events of the last century and the changing nature of journalism.
Second hand Hardback