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Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers - the Wood, the Art, the Aloha
Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers - the Wood, the Art, the Aloha
DeEtte Shafto, Tiffany & McDaniel, Lynda
Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers takes you on a journey into the lives and minds of 36 award-winning artists creating fine wood art in the Hawaiian Islands. From furniture makers to sculptors and woodturners, they all thrive here, surrounded by Hawai i s abundance. Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers spotlights the inspiration, the imagination, and the creativity of Hawaii's woodworkers: their reasons for creating, their knowledge of the native woods of Hawai i, and their joy of working in wood. Surrounded by so much inspiration, Hawaii's woodworkers create with a depth and breadth of talent not often seen in such concentration. Some of the artists featured in Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers have deep roots in these islands and have felt their calling to create all their lives. Other artists are not originally from Hawaii. They were drawn here. Most were not artists before moving to Hawaii. They found their calling here, driven to turn Hawaii's abundant and beautiful woods into works of art. Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkerscaptures the essence of art and creativity in Hawaii. As an armchair traveler, or on a trip to this paradise, you'll resonate with the images of wood art, stories about the woodworkers, glimpses into the history, and facts about the trees grown here. A chapter about locally grown trees lets you explore the woods most commonly used by Hawaii's woodworkers. You ll learn about their past uses and their current status, including stories about native trees that, if properly reforested and sustainably harvested, can be enjoyed by future generations. The final chapter showcases woodworking and fine craft organizations that offer numerous exhibitions throughout the year so you can witness firsthand the artistry of Hawaii's woodworkers. You ll also learn about the visionary founders of these organizations and the volunteers who continue their missions today. Until a few decades ago, wood was recognized primarily as a material for utilitarian objects. Today, creative expression in wood is thriving. When you see all the amazing wood art represented in this book, you'll experience not only the beauty Mother Nature created but also the unique artistry each woodworker contributes to her creations. Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers details how everything is connected the climate, the aina, the trees, the beauty, the creative power of humanity. It captures the essence of the contemporary wood art movement in Hawaii... the wood, the art, the Aloha.
Second hand Hardback