The Blitzkrieg Campaigns: Germany's 'Lightning War' Strategy in Action
The Blitzkrieg Campaigns: Germany's 'Lightning War' Strategy in Action
Delaney, John
Blitzkrieg! The word quickly entered the English language over fifty years ago as the 'lightning war' strategy it described had an effect over eastern and western Europe to the same degree that other major military advancements had throughout history. Suddenly a whole army had proved able to cross a defended continent at a pace never dreamt of before. It was a tactic which could and should have brought success; it very nearly did! In this volume the author describes the conception and evolution of the technique before showing how it was deployed against national forces not able to comprehend it let along counter it. He complements his deeply researched and detailed text with an unprecedented photographic coverage of the campaigns - more than 40% of the images used have not appeared in previous books. Encompassing the application of the Blitzkrieg technique to the campaigns in Poland and Russia as well as the famed dash across Belgium and France, this book provides an excellently balanced account of one of military history's most brilliantly successful developments.
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