Paul Dibble - The Large Works
Paul Dibble - The Large Works
Dibble, Paul
Published by David Bateman Ltd, Auckland, 2012. Book warped. Sculptor Paul Dibble often works on a big scale and this book features those works, both private and public, that make an imposing statement. Covering works for the public domain, commissions for schools and pieces for private clients, this book takes the reader through the fascinating process of not only of the thinking and design of artworks, but also the practicalities of dealing with huge sculptures, some using hundreds of kilograms of bronze. The book culminates in what will probably be Dibble's most lasting work - the New Zealand Memorial in London. Not only are you taken through the whole development process, with ideas taken up, tossed around and discarded, and the constraint of the commission and the London site, there is also a section that describes what is featured on the surface of the work itself. Dibble is also generous in discussing processes and techniques, what works, what doesn't, how he approaches different projects, works with clients, etc. In short, this is a very special access all areas look at living and working as an artist in New Zealand over the last thirty or so years. 'I confess I never really believed that I could make a living as a sculptor and still, before an exhibition, as for nearly 20 years of making art I sold very little, there is always a degree of worry, because I can't fully believe it is possible.'
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