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Dave Dobbyn - The Songbook
Dave Dobbyn - The Songbook
Dobbyn, Dave
Craig Potton Publishing 2009 Be Mine Tonight, Outlook for Thursday, Loyal, Whaling, Slice of Heaven, Welcome Home - these are only some of the remarkable songs that have framed Dave Dobbyn's long career and made him one of New Zealand's most enduring and best-loved musicians. While generations of New Zealanders have grown up with his music, his songs have never been collected together and published in written form before. Produced to coincide with his new album of greatest hits (to be released in November by Sony Music), Dave Dobbyn: The Songbook will contain 40 of his most celebrated and loved songs. It will be a book of two halves; the first will contain writing about each song from Dobbyn, along with photographs and the lyrics (with guitar chords). The second half of the book will be the score for piano and guitar for every song. Dave Dobbyn: The Songbook is an innovative and substantial book, and in its dedication to the actual music, a significant tribute to one of New Zealand's national treasures....
Second hand Hardback