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The Doll's House Do-It-Yourself Book
Dodge, Venus and Martin
A comprehensive guide to building and equipping dolls' housees - from the roof to the rolling pin. From the plans, diagrams and instructions here, you can select the scale and materials to use, buidling a house, add stairs and interior rooms, and decorate them attractively; add a garage or garden if you like. Here too are step-by-step projects - plans and instructions for making some specific houses: a simple 'hop', a Victorian town house, a Tudor cottage, and a modern house. Each of these can be simply adapted to a different style. There are directions for making simple fireplaces, kitchen equipment, sof t furnishings and all sorts of accessories, from taps to roller blinds and ornaments. Instructions are included for making simple but attractive dolls fo a size right for the house.
Second hand Paperback