Do You Mind if I Put my Hand on It? Journeys into the Worlds of Weird
Dolan, Mark
How often does the hairiest man in the world shave? What's it like having the largest breasts on Earth? Can a woman of 7 feet 9 inches find love? Looks aren't everything. But what if, like the owner of the world's biggest enhanced breasts, or the seven-year-old who can benchpress his own bodyweight, they mean you are totally unique? Mark Dolan has journeyed across the world to find out the answer to just that question. What makes the people behind the world's most extreme appearances tick? Previously published as The World's Most Extraordinary People! And Me, this is the story of Mark's quest, inspired by his hit Channel 4 series. Mark immerses himself in the lives of child geniuses, toweringly tall women, tiny men, plastic surgery casualties and - by accident - the oldest living person. And along the way he compiled this enlightening, funny and often moving account of their lives, loves, hopes and dreams. Mark's weird, wonderful and one-of-a-kind book brings us closer to these extraordinary people, and invites us into their completely fascinating, utterly unique worlds....
Second hand Paperback