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Provencal Living - Mini Lifestyle Library
Provencal Living - Mini Lifestyle Library
Einsiedel, Andreas (photographer)

Provence is often described as being human in scale, and Virgilian having a classical poise and balance where proportions and values seem right. Its homes and houses certainly fit this description. Stone, tile and timber combine harmoniously, creating nostalgia for a simpler, rural way of life anchored by the sense of permanence that old houses bring. Rural domestic architecture evolved from the purely practical considerations of local building materials, defence against people and the elements. These traditions continued and outside influences and architectural fashions were slow to move south. Today, farmhouses, townhouses and village houses command prices values that would astound their previous owners and the gardens that developed, once plentiful water supplies became available, are famous worldwide.

16.5cm x 16.5cm

Second hand Hardback