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Food & Family - Tastes and Memories of Italy
Food & Family - Tastes and Memories of Italy
Elenio, Paul & Hardwick, Kate
Thames Publications Ltd, 2013. More than just a food book. Its novelty and appeal is the way it canvases and reproduces the food of Italian migrants who came to New Zealand before and after the Second World War. [It] is about hardship in Italy, of surviving and prospering in a new land, of "making do" without many of the products of home (and their dislike of lamb, doughy bread and butter) and of learning from each other how to make many special and unique Neapolitan dishes while overcoming the absence of olive oil, herbs and much more. The basis of this book is the hand-written recipes from the Cuccurullo family and their friends in Island Bay, Wellington, and the drive and energy for sharing the cuisine of the Bay of Naples is the Mediterranean Food Warehouse chain of pizzeria and delicatessens established by the family.
Second hand Paperback