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Ellsworth on Woodturning: How a Master Creates Bowls, Pots, and Vessels
Ellsworth on Woodturning: How a Master Creates Bowls, Pots, and Vessels
Ellsworth, David
Learn how to bring out the beauty in wood from the grandfather of woodturning, David Ellsworth! Tools, materials, and working with green wood and dry wood Chucks, glue blocks, & faceplates Turning an open bowl with a cut rim or natural edge Turning the exterior and interior of a hollow form Turning spirit forms Jam checks & vacuum chucks Sanding, finishing, and drying green wood vessels David Ellsworth is known as the grandfather of the contemporary wood art movement and Ellsworth on Woodturning is the book woodturners worldwide have been waiting for! With this first-ever book from an esteemed artist, you'll learn to replicate Ellsworth's highly evolved wood turning techniques and signature style in your home workshop. Clear step-by-step directions and crisp, absorbing photos show exactly how Ellsworth creates an open bowl, a natural-edged bowl, and an astounding hollow vessel featuring a tiny opening and coin-thin walls. In sharing his vision, Ellsworth reveals not only his masterful techniques for his signature eggshell-thin hollow designs, but the power of the creative process—the feeling of direct engagement with the wood that develops an artist from each project to the next. Featuring step-by-step directions for three projects—a hollow bowl, a natural-edge vessel, and a pot—this guide also helpfully discusses how to correctly position the body to increase tool control and prevent back strain while working. If you're new to the lathe, Ellsworth on Woodturning provides expert tips for getting started, like mounting objects and making different cuts, including techniques for the "Ellsworth Gouge" tool he created. If your turning is already intermediate or advanced, you'll appreciate the advice on everything from working with green wood to design to tool making and sharpening your own tools. Best of all, the stunning gallery of color photos of Ellsworth's work—and those in his personal collection—will inspire artists looking to unlock the natural beauty in wood!
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