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Harold Cazneaux - The Quiet Observer
Harold Cazneaux - The Quiet Observer
Ennis, Helen and Adams, Phillip and Cazneaux, Harold (photography)
National Library of Australia 1994 A monograph on the work of Australian photographer Harold Cazneaux, introduced by Helen Ennis, with commentary by Phillip Adams. During t he 1930s Cazneaux was at the peak of his career; recognised as the leader of the Australian Pictorial Movement in photography, securing both critical and popular acclaim. For more than two decades he had dominated the photographic scene with a profuse and impressive offering of photographic works. Harold Cazneaux created photographs of artistic and lasting value. This selection illustrates his enduring fascination with the qualities of sunlight and shadow, and with reflecting a uniquely Australian sense of time and place. Drawn from the rich collections of the National Library of Australia and the Cazneaux family, many of these photographs have rarely been seen together...
Second hand Hardback