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Joan Miro, 1893-1983 - The Man and His Work
Joan Miro, 1893-1983 - The Man and His Work
Erben, Walter & Taschen, Benedikt
There seems to be a relaxed playfulness about Miro's symbolic language. hovering between childishly maive arabesques and primaeval forcefulness, his symbols are not only cheerful, ironical and poetic, but they also express traumatic anxieties and aggression. The world of Miro's art is not simply our visible reality, but the hidden world of magic and mysticism. This book contains a representative collection of his works from six decades, giving a clear impression of miro's high rank among 20th century artists. Please note: This copy is Ex-library with the usual stamps.
Second hand Paperback
9783822801123 or 9783822823613

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