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The Mesmerist
The Mesmerist
Ewing, Barbara

Sphere. Book is marked as an autographed copy, however no autograph present! Good secondhand copy.

Early nineteenth-century London sees the controversial rise of the practice of Mesmerism, with its genuine practioners - and its fraudulent chancers. Miss Cordelia Preston, a beautiful, ageing, out-of-work actress, terrified of returning to the poverty of her childhood, and with disturbing secrets to hide, suddenly emerges as a Lady Phreno-Mesmerist." "In her candle-lit Bloomsbury basement, with its mirrors and red velvet flowers, its shining glass stars, she finds herself advising young women on marriage and, inadvertently, on the matter that must, of course, never be mentioned - the wedding night. Popular and rich, her success seems unstoppable - especially after she meets the enigmatic Monsieur Roland, student of the famous Dr Mesmer, and learns even more about her talent and the art of Mesmerism." "But success is fragile when you have a past filled with secrets and loss. On a wintry moonlit night a body is found in Bloomsbury Square: in a crowded coroner's court, love, hate, murder and revenge are dissected under the full glare of an extremely unreliable popular press and, suddenly, what began as an audacious subterfuge erupts into a volcanic scandal as Cordelia's past is revealed, bringing not only heartache but terror - and a cloaked figure who waits in the dark and shadowy London streets.

Second hand Trade Paperback

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