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We are buying books again, we are being selective.

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Surf for Your Life: Grommets' Edition
Surf for Your Life: Grommets' Edition
Fanning, Mick & Baker, Tim
Before the two world titles, before the sponsorships, before the jet-setting life on the world tour, being paid to do the thing you love most- weaving through zippering Superbank barrels and paddling over the ledge at places like Pipline and Teahupo'o. Before the battles with scoliosis, snapping your hamstring muscle off the bone and losing the brother you worshipped. Before all these things is the one state of being where every surfer is equal. Before all these things you are . . . a grom. The Grommet's Edition of Mick Fanning's bestselling biography Surf for Your Life is the ultimate grom's glimpse into the life of a two-time world champion and a guide to living and breathing the surf life. Mick tells his own story of overcoming the odds to become one of the best surfer's in the world while dropping pearls of wisdom gained from his life on and off the tour. From cut backs to bottom turns, deep carves to scoring tubes, travel tips, favourite breaks, training strategy, surf safety, board shapes and the difference between a three-fin thruster and a seven-foot gun - if it's important to groms, it's in the book. There's even a profile of three-time women's world champ Stephanie Gil
Second hand Paperback